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iBoost is a review website that builds trust and transparency between consumers and businesses. We encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to tap from the benefits of an engaged online community to enhance the relationship between their company and clients.

Achieve Customer Loyalty And Trust

You can build confidence through effective communication and good customer service. iBoost will give you that opportunity to know the feelings of your customers through increased engagement and interactions. This will enable you to excite your customers as well as build loyalty and trust which equates to more sales and profit.

Get Recommendations And Influence Purchasing Decision Of Potential Customers

Peer recommendation is a viable tool to upscale sales because it has been discovered through research that consumers trust suggestions from their peers/friends than advertising. Some individuals tend to buy products and services recommended by people they knew because they consider it to be credible. You can’t imagine the magnitude of sales you will make when users recommend your product or services through the iBoost platform

Know Your Customers

Understanding the needs and aspirations of your customers towards your products and service is a powerful way to achieving customer satisfaction. You can now know your customer base, identify issues and things they don’t like about your products. Then, you can demonstrate your passion for making them 100% satisfied. Equipped with this information, you can effectively embark on business/product/service development to make your customers happier

Beat The Competition By Improving Search Engine Rank

With positive reviews about your products and services, you can effectively increase your search engine results. You will achieve increased traffic to your website and iBoost page resulting to more exposure, sales, and profit. This is a powerful marketing tool that is guaranteed to boosting the potentials and profitability of your business, products, and services. It is worth the effort, time and resources.

iBoost: an online community that helps you Increase sales and maximize conversion

Get more exposure to potential customers by receiving online positive reviews which are an extraordinary form of free advertising. The mass exposure and brand awareness you will achieve by getting positive reviews from out platform is amazing and better than any offer by traditional marketing channels. You can also manage your online customer reviews in a dynamic and innovative way that will propagate your business as a pace setter in your niche.

As a business owner, a manufacturer, designer and investor, you can track reviews and get more parameters of comparison needed to upscale business performance, products and services so you could influence the purchasing decision of your potential customers

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